First project: Lamborghini Countach

Been learning how to use Blender while trying to make this car. Tried to make it fairly close, but took some liberties with some parts, like skipping the rear-wing. Lots of things i need to improve. Had great difficulty getting the shape of some things, like the rims and the front of the car, they still need alot of work. Also tried to learn a bit about the compositor lately, so i tried to get some sort of setting for it, hope it doesn’t distract too much.

Grateful for all advice!

I’d say not bad at all for a first attempt. Rendering looks solid. I don’t like the background at all, but I wouldn’t sweat it at this stage. It probably makes for some good reflections. Their are some issues with the car, if I remember correctly, this one has sharper edges the the Countach but not by much. The edges look like the should be slightly more rounded. The rims which you mentioned. The tires don’t look like rubber and they look too thin but that may be shadows playing off them. If I recall the Countach has some of the fattest rear tires you could buy. The mirrors I think may need to taper more. The lights look really good! Nice job for your first car!