First project - math/physics vizualizations using blender

Hi this is my first post here. I’m a physics professor and I got into blender so I could make some nice 3D visuals for lectures and (eventually) some interactive applications for my students. Here is my first humble attempt. Not all that interesting (or artistic) I realize but it was just a first attempt. (for those interested this is a plot showing the quantum states in k-space of particle in a 3D potential well).

I realize some might consider this one of the most boring applications of blender! But what I was aiming for was something clear and crisp enough to be useful in conveying the information, whilst still holding a bit more visual interest than the usual flat graph. Why not just use one of the 3D plotting programs out there you may ask. Well what I eventually want to do is use the game engine to set up controls and have students be able to change the parameters of this dynamically and rotate the thing interactively to look how things change. I’m working on other more interesting visualizations over the term.

The text I added on with Gimp afterwards, what I’d like to do is have that in the actual blend. My idea was to put the text as textures on three little planes at the axes and somehow have them track so they’re always facing the camera, would that work?

Anyway - that’s my first humble submission to this august body - let me know!



Yes, that would work. Select the sign first, then the camera and press ctrl-t and select TrackTo constraint.

I’m always fascinated by seing math visually. I don’t understand a thing of it, but it’s mesmerizing. :^) Hope you post some animations.