First Project -- Movie Opener Animation [still]

(JonnyMac) #1

As a professional masochist – oops, I mean actor – I’m used to criticism and rejection so I thought I might as well post my first project here. The image is actually the final frame of an animation that I will use to open my movie projects (shot on MiniDV). When the music is added, I’ll post the animation (the camera swoops and flies backward throught logo, settling in this final position).

BTW, except for the logo itself [a stylized version of Halle Berry’s eye and eyebrow], it’s not supposed to be photo-realistic. The “Irish Ayes” title was added with Paint Shop Pro.

Of course, your comments and input are appreciated. Special thanks go to Chris [Blengine] for his help in getting going with Blender.

– JonnyMac –

(bogbean) #2

I thought it said “Irish Ages” when I looked at it!

The sky seems to be a bit stretched horizontally - or maybe it really was like that.

The logo things look pretty good and the hills look nice too.

(JonnyMac) #3

You’re the second person to make that comment (“Irish Ages”) so I guess I’m going to have to find another version of the Gaelic font. I’ve tried all caps; it fixes the “y” but the trailing “h” in Irish is bogus. Darn…

Thanks for your other comments, though. The image looks much better as a TGA; the JPG compression takes the crispness out of the logo.

– JonnyMac

(blengine) #4

jonnymac! hello, remember me?
i love tha pic, esp the texturing…
maybe since the Y looks like a G, why not try a G, maybe itll look like a Y??, or maybe just supplement another fonts Y for that Y isntead of changing the whole font itself, know what i mean?

(bob_dog) #5

For what it’s worth, I never thought the “y” looked like a “g”. :wink: I like the rust very much. My only suggestion would be to scale down the size of the rust texture, thus giving the illusion that the logo is much bigger. I’m getting a bit of a conflict in my little brain: next to the hills, the logo looks like it should be really big - but the rust texture makes it look small. Otherwise, very nice!




Thats a pretty good image. I REALLY like the shape of the logo.

The thing I would say that isn’t photorealistic about it, is the textures. You have the sky, a real photo. (Looks like it)

Logo: change the texture. It doesn’t fit the logo, or the rest of the scene.
Maybe to a dark, soft green. Not shiny, but soft.

The hills, good, except that the texture is all green. Add some browns in there maybe.

I have noticed with real life ‘textures’ that every thing is cloudy. Concrete: light clouds, dark clouds, black clumpy ones, that sort of thing.

I’m gonna work on a tutorial for good texturing and post it on my site,

Good job though,

Check out for Blender tutorials, and an ‘Open Source’ blender manual!

(Nahtanoj) #7

I like the pic good work.

Did you thnik about adding a hedgerow and a ditch?

Or maybe even a stone wall, give it that west Ireland feel to it.

Can’t wait to see the finished sequence.


(stephen2002) #8

looks pretty good to me.

The only thing that is really missing is the horizon. The clouds just kinda drop off into the distance. I find that adding a world mist that is completely white with a hight limit makes a really nice horizon. You wouldn’t have to make your scene all misty for it to work, it would just operate in the distance with the proper settings.

(CurtisS) #9

What’s wrong with Halle Berry’s real eye?? :wink:

My opinion is that the logo should have more depth in regards to the background rather than just a plain drop shadow. Try rendering/drawing a soft shadow on the hills themselves. I like the rust texture though make it smaller (as mentioned above). Great concept! Maybe add a pint of Guinness in there somewhere??

(Skates) #10

not bad. Try that grass generator script, it might help the look of the hills. Although you’d end up with a really huge scene that way, it would look very nice.

(Goo) #11

I think you did a good job on the grass. I’d suggest making an image with a 2-d logo and compare the two. I’ve always found 3-d logos like that a bit awkward. You might want to try and find a slightly less realistic sky picture. That would fit the mood of the picture nicely.