First project of 2021

This is a redo of a project I did exactly one year ago. I did this so I could see how far I have come. I’m pretty happy with how it came out, I definitely have more progress to make. Let me know what I can improve on.


I think it is really good, lovely colours, concept modeling and textures.
There is something, I can not quite see why, the main droid seems slightly superimposed and sort of sticks out form the rest, maybe the level of detail or the colour range compared with the set, I am not sure.
That is looking very closely, I still think its great.

Thanks for the kind words. My idea with the robot was to make it a brighter color than the rest of the image to help better draw the viewer’s eye. Perhaps I made him stand out a bit too much so he looks out of place. Thanks for your comment!

I do like the colour contrast it reminds me of one of those colourfull frogs in a jungle. There is probably another way of connecting it to the scene. Maybe the DOF is a bit strange, the desk underneath his arms is blurred but the batteries are in focus, more so the horizontal one.
I am really nit picking with this, just because you asked for feedback :slight_smile: