First Project - Radiometer

This is the first finished project I have done in blender, second in 3d modeling in general.

I think the vanes may be spinning too much, not sure though. I also couldn’t figure out how to apply materials to individual faces, thus the lack of dark color on the back of the vanes and the glass base.

Comments and Critiques are welcome, nay, encouraged.

Edit: I noticed that the vanes were a bit big so i scaled them down a bit. Enter Render 2.1.

well done first project :smiley:

to apply multiple materials look here under materials

raymir or enviromapped?

Thanks ffor the link. I’m runnin through it right now.

I used raytransp for the glass.


your welcome to join my site…

have your blends downloaded from there…

suggest tutorials from the manual or other sites to be done

help with ideas for kind of graphic databases to build

hey i’m gussing that the glass bulb is just a sold object right? for realism you should make the bulb hollow

I realise just earlier that you meant did i use rymir for the reflective vanes.
Yes i did.

Thanks for inviting me to the site. Whats the url?

Actually the bulb is hollow, I started with a circle and extruded it up until it joined at the top.

Thanks again guys,

Having looked through the tutorial Lilo suggested i have come up with a black plastic base nd black faces for the vanes.

here it is:

I figured out where the link was. Who woulda thought i would miss it in the signature? :wink: