First project - Renault Megane

This is my first project in Blender.


next step in modeling

next step in progress

I make some new small parts.

next few parts is add

Very nice progress,where did you get your blueprints?

I always have trouble finding good blueprints.

i found one good blueprint on google images but i had to make some corrections

I make some new parts after few weeks.

Somehow I hadn’t seen this before. That’s some seriously good modelling. Are you planning on selling it? Also, you’ve done 3d before, right? This is awesome as first project.

Many thanks for reply, its my first project in Blender. 15 years ago I worked in Lightwave and now I’ve discovered Blender which is great. I know only modeling and trying to learn setting materials now. Unfortunately I cant run faster because there is not so much free time.
I dont know how(on which website) to sell it now but I think that if its my first project it will be free for download(i dont thik about it now).

Haha cool thats my car :smiley: Nice modeling, it looks fine! Color it darkblue/metallic :wink:

Don’t worry about mats, there are tons of tutorials. Btw, are you going to try Cycles renderer or will you stick to Blender Internal? As for selling it… I’d go to turbosquid.

After long time i have some new parts

Good modeling! Looking forward for this.

front doors are comlete

I make few front parts

new preview with rims and front lights

Nice work. It changes to see “everyday cars” modelled. The mirrors seems a little tiny to me but maybe this is the way it is on that car

tyres are complete now and brakes

in progress

front of car is updated and there is some new parts