first project robot

Hi everyone, I am new to these forums and to blender and I am working on my first project that’s lasting for more than 2 hours. Its going to be a blocky cartoon style robot :slight_smile:
This is where I’m at right now. I hope that you comment on my work saying ways to improve my design
btw I am 12 years old

hi and welcome davey boy234! thats looking good so far… keep it up!

only thing i would change is that the eyeball looks a bit to round compared to the rest of the model… i would make it more flat

Or maybe make the rest more round :smiley:
Nice start. And welcome.

haha… or that… depending on what ur going for…

i have made the body and the arms now and im working on the legs

Maybe you could add some ears that look like speakers?
If you want to keep your polygon count down so you can make a fast video game, I’d stick with the sharp edges instead of rounding everything like was mentioned above. :slight_smile:

Good Luck!

something stuffed up on my laptop and it didnt save the body so i have to redo that part. sorry about th delay and thanks for the comments

i have re-made the body so i can continue wih the rest now :slight_smile:
i have re-made the body so i can continue with the rest now :slight_smile:

the legs are done and im going to put on a nice colour now. later i will make a nice scene for it to stand on

coloured and textured!

a close up of the final face ( im still going to put it in a scene )

i have done one scene but its not very good. tell me if you have any good ideas :slight_smile: .

Dont want to sound mean or anything, but to me the robot itself looks kinda noobish.
Why are you posting such low res images?

its my first project so it is kind of noobish. but il work on making something better :smiley:


Like said, ears’d be great. Some bevel would do your model good. :wink: Oh, and smooth his chest.
You’re doing great so far, I like the composition, looks like it comes straight out of a music clip or something. Try rendering higher resolution images and adding them as attachements so we can have a closer look.

Welcome to the forum,
i have taken your advice and added come ears and took a nice close up with it. :slight_smile:

claus, i dont really like the idea of smooting the chest because i will have to make everything else smoother too and that is not the kind of style i was going for :slight_smile: and i dont know how to add attachments :frowning:

If it’s supposed to be a cartoonish robot, have you tried experimenting with the toon shader?

no i havnt, thank you i will use that:)