First Project - WC entry

I’ve had Blender for almost a week now and this is my first project. It will be my entry in the weekend challenge.

This is what I had last night:

And this is where I’m at now:

I’m afraid I ran out of ideas at this point. As you can see the scene and lighting setup is very simple and I haven’t added any textures yet. So if you have any suggestions what I could do with this I’d appreciate it.

Plants in the corners of the room? Some kind of decorative design or something on the floor… or maybe like a slate on the wall…

those are my ideas! LoL

But aside from that the simplicity of this looks pretty cool! YAYAY

If it’s a chapel - look for pictures of chapels and get ideas from that. For one, it doesn’t look like a chapel. There is no sign of religion in that room at all.

Maybe it doesn’t look like a chapel, but it looks very nice. I don’t think this picture needs a lot of realism, this looks more like something from a dream.


Post subject: First Project - Chapel

Thanks for the comments.

hamster, I don’t think plants would fit, but I agree the floor and walls need decorations or some kind of texture. I’ll work on that.

shbaz, that depends what kind of religion we’re talking about. No seriously, I know what a chapel looks like and I wasn’t trying to make one, it’s just a title I thought of after the model was done. I guess I’ll just get rid of it.

Arathorn, thank you.


I got a bit frustrated with the floor so I dumped sand on it LOL
The monkey is a placeholder for another object I’m going to make.
Not sure if this is getting better or worse.

i would say bring the reflections way down and add a bump map to the walls and things will start to look much better.

Ok, I did keep some of the reflection. I like the effect on the ceiling.

I like the first one better. :expressionless:

turn up the samplings on ao to get rid of some alot of that granyness and tone down the reflection on the walls. Other than that looks good.

First id like to welcome you to blender and congratulate you on your already amazing skills! (seems the previous users who posted didnt really have much consideration for your time using blender and your amoun of progress in this time, maybe they can not be so blind next time they crit, its more then shamelessly poking things wrong with a WIP). Anywho, you seem to be amazingly progressed for a week, if you stick with it for a little bit longer you’ll be scaring a lot here =D

Now onto this peice, i really like the progress in materials you made in the first post, imo it looks very very clean and has a nice atmopshere. in your next post the sand seems to take away a bit from the form of the chapel/church, since the sand and the podium seems very ‘maya’ or jungle looking and the walls and cieling look a bit more european, this mix is hard to do and i think maybe waiting until you have a bit more experience before taking on such a huge mix in style. I think nice reflective hard edges would do this peice justice if thats what your going for, if you are leaning toward keeping the sand maybe making the walls and cieling a bit more random would help it. One other thing (for later ofcourse) would be to add a bit of bevelling into the walls, this can really help sell the shape and let the light and materials show their true glory, but i can see your going to be working on more detials and such so dont worry about it too much, what you have so far is really amazing and very advanced for your current experience.

just popping some ideas to you, its a bit hard to see your final aim at the moment so i just tried to do my best, feel free to ignore any of my comments if its not what your going for, and lastly good luck! this peice has great potential and im sure you’ll finish it off nicely.

Peace Out.

Welcome :wink:

I have to agree with Lohn… play with the bevel tool a bit (select verticles hit W bevel). Detailing is really what makes a scene convincing.

The AO looks a bit much now.