First project with 3D

Hello, my name is Camtoonist, and I decided to get into 3D art after graduating college. I picked up blender a short while ago, and tried to make a character from scratch. This is essentially my first project in any sort of 3D, so help and critique is highly appreciated.

What I have is more or less a cartoonish caricature of myself. Hair has been left out mainly because I am struggling to model the hair. Hair and I don’t get along. Even when drawing in 2D hair gives me trouble…

Cameron.blend (2.05 MB)

Once again I’d appreciate any feedback. Thank you for your time.

Welcome to blender and blender artists!
Enjoy the stay!
haha that was a bit stupid

the model looks awesome for you to be a “beginner” :slight_smile:
maybe try the sub surf modifier?

Well, it’s a decent caricature of the person in your 2D avatar, which is also a caricature, I imagine.

It’s tough to give you any detailed feedback on what you might be able to improve, since both cartoons and caricatures can really be any way you like. Seems like the arms are a bit short.

So: what kind of feedback are you looking for? For advice on your topology, you’ll have to show us the wires (screenshot of the model in edit mode, edge select mode). You may even want to publish the blend file (either here, or at with a link here) for some really detailed advice. Just depends on what you’re looking for.

Welcome to BlenderArtists :smiley:

I guess I want to know how it looks and acts as a model as a whole. The parts are separated and I have the shirt on a cloth simulation. I want to begin rigging but I fear it might be awkward and difficult with how I have it all laid out. Finally since I haven’t made any progress with hair, I guess I don’t know where to start with that.

And, Orinoco, I did publish the file right under the image, if that was the proper thing to do. I did upload it to pasteall as well.