First Project (Yep, another one)

I’m hoping to learn how to use Gameblender soon, so I have started working on some models for it. I’m planning my first game to be sort of like a simple space flight sim or something. Since it is my first attempt at making a finished product in blender, it’s just going to be for you to fly around and stuff. I don’t feel like programming any AI into enemies. It would probably be too frustrating, especially if I’m starting off knowing absolutely nothing about programming games in Blender, anyway.
And a wireframe render:
There are no textures yet, but the mesh is mostly finished unless you guys can come up with some good ideas to help make it better. Soon it will be fully textured and bumpmaped.
I’m also hoping to model a mother ship that you can fly in and out of to refuel and a nice looking earth and moon for background.
Oh, and it would be extremely helpful if you could point me towards the right direction in learning how to make a game. Tutorials, manuals on Gameblender, etc. would be greatly appreciated.
It has 1100 faces in total according to blender (odd how it’s such a nice even number). I could probably reduce the amount in the head area.

Hey there, nice initial work on the ship. If you are old enough to remember the Atari ST game that has the same title as my name, I have been dabbling around to try to come up with sequel, or something that closely resembled it since I loved the universe and flow of the gameplay. Sundog was basically this space game where you flew around and did alot of trading, exploring and fighting pirates and street muggers while trying to fufill your mission to transport a bunch of colonists to a new settlement. The whole environment gives alot of ideas about how gameplay would work out. Right now I am in the beginning stages of modeling the ship(the exterior) and would post if I had a web site handy.

One thing to keep in mind while designing for games is to keep your poly count low and to not depend on features which aren’t availalble in realtime 3d engines, such as subsurface smoothing. Ttry to keep your textures small and light count low as well.

I have a degree in CS and coding the game would not seem like its the hard part. For me it has been the art work. I have heard that Blender’s game engine is a little too simplisitic but should be adeuqate and I am investingating the Crystal Space engine. I have also done raw OpenGL coding before.


thats very nice dude, care to post a couple wires? also try to keep it low poly it looks a bit high, if u need any help dont hesitate to ask.

I like the wings, especially the small ones at the engine.
The front part seems a bit boring, maybe make it less symmetrical and add a litte recess for the cockpit ?