First project

I just started using Blender 2 days ago and my first project is going to be a sword.

At the hilt of my sword to make the handle I want to make it look like two pieces of wood tied together with cloth (noob sword). So first is it ‘ok’ to have multiple meshes run through each other? Then I plan to make a 2nd mesh and edit it to make a cloth shape or is there a better way?

glad you joined the community! and welcome to elysiun.

as for the first question yes meshes are aloud to run through each other (a very interesting perk to virtual realities - they aren’t real!)

as for the second you could use a cloth script (i think there is one out there) but making a high vert mesh is best solution.

by the way are the swords more like nin chucks (sp?)

original twist on the old sword that everyone does! if you don’t have blender 2.33 download that version and for the sword blade and maybe hilt (depens on whether it is metal or wood) use raymir (in materials go to tab that has raymir and push the bar up to max then push fres to like 3 then go to render buttons and enable the ray tracing button) also be sure to add 16 osa and render big (like 1024x?) then scale down like 50% to increase anti-aliasing. also (although i stink at lighting) besure to have good lighting (three point or something like that). Also have a good scene - so many people mess up by not completing a scene! Also make an interesting camera resolution (don’t use default square make it longated or something!)

Good luck! :wink:

I eventially want to make some high grade swords but im starting off with basic wood one. the butt of it I want to round off and there will a slight amout of metal there and a small amout of metal at the hilt.

How would you go about making the cloth using a vert mesh? I’m going to experiment with it but I could use some advice on how someone more experienced would get it started.

Heres an update -

great! can’t wait to see it! you got enthusiasm whch will get you far!

as for the free images hoster - i use which is really reliable and perfectly free!

as for the cloth start with a simple plane and then extrude (e-key) and creat faces (f-key) until you get something looking roughly like a cloth. Make lot’s of rounded creases and use lots of double vertices (if you are going to sub surf it - not recommended) or you can select all of the vertices and just press w then subdivide and you will create many more verts that you can then move and crease to create wavy cloth like material.

materials and textures are very important so learn how to make some nice materials before adding any materials to your project. PM me if you want links to tuts and if you just want all around good advice ( :slight_smile: )

keep it and dont’ quit! :wink:

i just saw your image and there is alittle wrong - but don’t worry it is reversible! :wink:

first thing - make your blade more sharp edged. right now it looks like a spike! to do this select all of the verts and then press scale and scale along the horizontal (in relation to the sword) as to make the edges longer (thus sharper and not so block like)

second thing - continue to extrude the guards out and around in an artist rounding and curving fashion and make it more flat too (perhaps even use an oblong hexagon!)

third thing - render an image! press 0 on your num pad and make sure the sword is in the camera view and then press F12. if you don’t see anything it is because there isn’t a light so add one. And press F3 to save th image!

nice work! :wink:

*I was attempting and making a sharpened wooded look, sorta like a spear, my next sword will be metallic.

*The guards are more of a reference for now the only part visable after I cloth it will be the edges which I want to have a wooden apperence as well.

*ok after I get some clothing done Ill render up something.

Since this is my first project I want to make a really poor low grade sword. Imagine you are a farmer and wolves keep killing your sheep, your not a blacksmith but you do the best with have, thus making a sharpened wooden sword, nothing fancy, just enough to get the job done.

On second thought running meshes together like that was a bad idea cause i need something to snap the cloth to.

Took me 2 hours to figure that out…

Looking good for first run at it. As far as running verts through each other, it is just fine in most meshes, but if you get an incredibly complex mesh going on and your meshes aren’t connected all the way through the thing you’ll find yourself having problems. For a simple sword though, it is just fine. Keep it up.

Wrapping the sword in cloth is maybe too advanced for me now.

Most likely there is a easy way to do it, I just don’t know it.

what do you mean by wrapping the sword? perhaps you give a reference image to what you are modeling after?!

one of newbies and sometimes seasoned blenders often forget is to think things through starting with over all idea then to camera view then to major objects and on to minor details finishing with materials and such.

keep us updated! :wink:

I mean like imagine tieing the two pieces together with cloth really tightly.

heres my progress…

example of what im trying to do.

so you are trying to just wrap the guard to the hilt? the way you explained it you wanted two swords wrapped at the hilts like nin chucks! :smiley: in that case just go into edit mode with you plane in the profile as looking at the point of the sword and then extrude the faces around in a circle and then go into front view (of the sword) and then make them crosshatch!

looks good so far! keep it up! :wink:

I kinda know what you mean but not really…

okay let’s say that you are looking at the tip of the sword down to the hilt now do this go add a circle (8 or as many as you feel comfterable with then scale it to the shape of the hilt. Then go to top view (in respect to the sword) and rotate the circle extrude (e- key) then exit edit mode and rotate the mesh till it is like making a slash across the hilt then correct the sides to make it seem more like it is following the hilt. Copy this and mirror it so that when the two are aligned it creates an “X” and presto you have cloth winding the hilt and guard together! you could some more effects with nor mapping, more extruding and making ribbons come off it.

Use your imagination and if you have key questions or how to do questions then you could ask it here or post in the general category. :wink: