First Projekt

here is my first project, which I have started three months ago.
I worked really slow, but i hope you like it.

Picture: Porsche 911 - WIP - Render

c&c are wellcome…


Nice work, but can you brighten it up a little? I’m having trouble making out all the curves.


a bit dark, but nice for a first work. Congrats.

You could really improve the lighting. I can’t see the freakin’ car

The scene & lighting need to change, and the tyres need texturing. But other than that, excellent!

is the light better?

It’s better, but still too dark. Try puting in a key light so the parts of the car facing the camera are brighter.

Nice work. Some suggestions would be to texture the floor, and also to add a background in the windows.

the second pic is better but the tyres are still gray.
BTW i think you should render it in yafray, it would look so good

I would make the tires more black and rubbery. Use the Oren Nayer shader, and turn up the roughness a bit.


here is a new version of my car

c&c please.

Looks much better, and I love how you did the windows. The floor tex is good too.

here are a few little upgrades:

C&c, please.


Every object must be there for some reason unless you’re abstract artist… that wrench or whatever it calls on the floor is out of place. That garage looks very neat and clean and eveything’s in place. And then there is that wrench laying there for nothing. If you want to keep it there, put some wheel near it and some car details so it would look as owner worked on the car, like changed the wheel or something.

i agree, and add nor, and reduce the spec on the ground

Well thats some constructive criticism. Im sorry to have to say this to you when you only have 18 posts, but if you cant give friendly or nice comments, then dont give any.

First let me say, great model - way better than anything I can do at the moment :slight_smile:

A couple of points from an aesthetic point of view:
Still a bit dark for my taste - a well equiped workshop like that is going to have good lighting.
The light coming in over the top of the large door is distracting - I’m sure its realistically modelled, but it may be an idea to change the geometry of the door / frame to remove the incoming light.
Why is there a hasp and padlock on the inside of the door - wouldn’t you want to lock the workshop with you outside?
The light catchng the rhs headlight of the car makes it look like it has one light on.

Only nit-picking points - great work - I’m looking forward to seeing it evolve.


Hey this is a work in progress, theres bound to be some tools lying around :smiley: .

This is really looking good :o :smiley:


it’s a first render with the wheels in the foreground:


here is a new update: