First Projekt

Not bad! i stil think its a bit too dark. Nice new camera angle, btw.

I’d like to say, that this is nicely made car, but I just don’t see any details because of the light scheme you’re using. Could you post couple pics from the car without the background and with good lights?

a few new pics:
porsche with garage and zblur-plugin

front 1:
front 2:


That last z-blur pic looks rather unrealistic. If you were shooting a real film camera, the garage would most definitely be in focus. Having the tyres blurred is fine, but the wallf of the garage should be just about as crisp as the car.

here is a small update:
i fixed the z-blur, and some textures.
also i modeled a new car tire.

pic 1 of 2:
pic 2 of 2:

c&c are welcome

c u