First proper attempt at archviz

Hey, I’m new to 3D modelling, just started with the doughnuts in December and now I am attempting an archviz project to test my abilities. If anyone was willing to offer me some criticism I would very much appreciate it. Anything goes, as brutal as you like. It’s based on a real building, though I’ve not tried to replicate it exactly.


It’s good, but the materials look all a bit too matte and diffuse as if they are the default white material. The lamp shades somehow look too flat or lacking detail. im not so sure about the tall vertical wall at the top, i think it make the scene look less open or like its in the way. It’s lacking plug sockets and light switches and it looks so tidy that its not lived in, which is ok if you are going for that look. You have the right idea tho, im sure you could make one even better if you spent more time.

Thanks. The reference image I was working from had no plug sockets or light switches, it was actually something I noticed about it. I went looking through magazines of similar architectural photography and almost none showed these things. I thought it was either that they were well hidden in photo-worthy architecture or these magazines were painting them out. Either way I thought my image would fit better with that kind of image without them. But I agree, it feels odd without them.

What do you think, is it better to go for realism and have sockets and a lived in feel to make the image FEEL more real, or to have the slightly too perfect look of the real architectural magazine style photography? I can see the argument both ways.

It would be best to stick with what is the standard in the interior visualization, if Ikea and and all the pros don’t have plug sockets or switches then don’t put them in. If it was for an customer that wanted to see exactly what their new kitchen would look like then i would say it has to have the sockets and anything else like vents, but for selling kitchen furniture and such i guess thats when they leave them out just to get that super clean look.

Yeah, that was the decision I made. I do agree it’s noticeable they aren’t there though. It’s likely that however real you could get a render to look, missing these elements is going to be at minimum a subconscious cue that something isn’t quite right.

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Also for the cooker/oven is out of the proportion of the cabinets. Little bit of resizing and then the overall lightning from the lamps and outside.

You are on the right track, but the finishing touch is also very important