first real blender work

ive modeled a few simple designs but id like something a tad harder now :slight_smile:
something that takes longer than a few hours…

but i cant texture, ARGHHH!!! so ima learn how to do that then think of something to model…
ive been thinking bout a diet coca cola can with water droplets on it or lightning mcqueen from the film cars :slight_smile:

A coke can is always a good starting point :slight_smile: Don’t jump straight into car as you might be disappointed!

okay well ive JUST learnt how to texture lika noob :slight_smile:
ill give it a go!

please be VERY critical of my work so i know what to look out for :slight_smile:

As a noob who started out trying to do cars, my advice is to wait with that. It was way too much for me, and I completely drowned myself in that, and actually lost interest in CG after that. Now i’ve started up again and I’m just modeling very basic stuff like my pen and a key. I can make some pretty decent results, which motivates me to do more and that way I can increase the difficulties of the projects as i go along. Thats how it is for me at least :slight_smile:
I suck at texturing too, bit again the simple models help me get better each time I make a new one :slight_smile:

here we go, first render:

50 samples and 50% HD (side and bottom)

overall model okay?

Yeah looks ok so far…make them a little taller tho i think :slight_smile: Also, the material you have on them currently, give it a little more gloss, not too much tho!

30% HD with 50 samples

i will do more tonight, reality calls upon me :frowning:

Once you finish your can, dice, caltrops and Rubiks cubes are also good entry level subjects… then eventually the Lego Man (it might even be a rite of passage).

EDIT: Sorry, I misread original post, I thought you were also looking for more topics after the can.

hey there, dice is definitely something ill use in the near future, and check the link in my signature for the rubix cube and glass rubix cube :slight_smile:

EDIT: the glass rubix cube is also my avatar on this website :slight_smile:

okay, quick question…

i have a plane, i set material to diffuse default settings, i add a texture, i select UV in the texture generator i unmap the plane, i go to the image editor and scale it out…

when i scale out the texture should appear smaller right? its not?

no scaling down makes it bigger…must scale it up!

okay well heres with the texturing
image is now in HD on my skydrive, just see my signature to access it :slight_smile:

25% HD (to keep the size down) at 75 samples

here ya go :slight_smile:

dont forget to look at the link in my signature for the HD version

okay well ive decided on my next project, ima make a pistol for my bullet scene, and then a bolt action rifle :wink: hehehe
if anyone can explain to me how to add a blender model into a already existing blender file you would be stars :smiley:
and if anyone could tell me how to finish off the coke can to make it a tad more realistic? (eg how to add the coca cola paint job?)

thanks guys :slight_smile:

EDIT: okay the pistol is F*@KING hard!!! erghhhh
next model? lol

heres the bullet scene for the lazy buggers that cant be bothered to click the link below :slight_smile: