First real creative scene

This is the first scene were i did not make something I found on an image, so I would like some criticism.

I tried to get a late night mood, but it does not seem right. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

It’s rather dark, so I can not easily make out what I’m looking at. Is that a headphone and a can on its side on top of a wooden table?

edit: oh now I see it’s a game controller. It’s really too dark and the composition (meaning: the camera angle of how you portray these objects) needs some work. When creating something like this, think about a story behind the image… what do you want the viewer to see and think?

Small example (which hopefully does not offend anyone): if you’d see a silhouette hanging in the background, you’d know “oh this person has become drunk, played some games and hung himself (for whatever reason) - which is always a loss to the world that triggers a certain emotion”. Obviously it might not be what you’re after, but this simple addition makes it into a story that people can easily fill in for themselves.

On that note: Putting objects together where it’s confusing what you’re looking at is rather frustrating to the user so it will easily be ignored.