First Real Job Render

After having some time playing with Blender & Cycles, I decided to use it on the redesign of a Mesh Panel mounting. All modelled in Fusion but Cycles the chosen renderer. Nothing fancy but a lot better than Fusion’s built-in renderer


That looks nice :+1:

I also use Fusion 360 for 3D printing and some construction plans for DIY projects and have some questions:

  • Did you export the model as .obj and imported it in blender?

  • Did you remesh the model?

  • Did you make the materials in blender?

Thank you!

Hi Yah Johnhaens

Exported out as an FBX and no re-meshing just straight into Blender.

With regards to the materials, activated the Material Library VX extension, took one of the paint materials and modified the nodes to suit manufacturers RGB values

Thank you for the information :+1:t2: