First Real Project! Obscure Star Wars Character!

This is my first post here on BlenderArtists, as well as my first real project involving rendering. Any feedback at all would be greatly appreciated!


Hmm, i dont recognize him, who is that?

That is my mediocre rendering of Mandalore the Indomitable from the Old Republic Era; He was one of the Mandalorian leaders…Ha it’s kind of hard to tell because my modeling skills are average and my camera and light positioning skills are terrible.

Never heard of him…but anyway, here is a light tutorial

Thanks a lot!
By the way, what do you think of the actual model?:o

Well, its kinda dark to see clearly…

Yeah it is kind of dark…I’ll see if i can post a better render soon.

Yeah, a brighter image that shows him off would be better for crit’ing the mesh. Also so wireframes. At the moment, it kind of looks like a ceasar to me, would not have guessed an Star Wars character. But from what little I can see it looks like a good start. :slight_smile:

Ok here is a wireframe and a brighter picture:


Hey alucardassassin,

Your wireframe looks to be totally composed of triangles, any particular reason for that? If not I recommend using quads mainly, as the polyflow you can create and control easier with quads allow you create the form you want :slight_smile:

On a more personal tase level, I’d recommend changing the background, it’s quite distracting imho.
Good luck :slight_smile:

Since I’d never heard of this guy before I went looking for a reference image. This was a good one for me. Looks to me like his head is a bit squished and the helmet doesn’t have the glass in it yet? Also the mantle looks to be too far into the neck area. The image shows him with a few styles but in all of them, they do not get that close. And since you’re not finished with the lower section no need to comment on that area but I’d have to agree, working with quads is way easier to manipulate then triangles. Did you import the arms from poser or somewhere else? In any case, keep it up, looks like a fun character to model and will be a big learning experience :slight_smile: keep posting your progress…