first real project woot

been modeling and all that good stuff for a while now and finally thought of a project i would actually want to finish. anyway, so here is my starting of a hydraulic excavator. so far its pretty obvious that i need to do some texturing, and start and finish the cabin/tracks and run the hydrolic lines. but im working on it. although i have the arm fully rigged so when it is finished and hopefully very realistic it will be all ready to animate.

here is just like an animation with low quality mesh

and here is the more current very slightly textured better model pic

critisism welcome, and thanks to the people who helped me set up the armatures.

Well, what you have there is certainly a great start, texturing is looking good so far as well. Pay attention to the material settings for specular and diffuse, as well as ramp shaders. These will help greatly with your textures once your light setup is better defined. Also the bucket and teeth on the bucket are a bit off. Check this out to see what I mean.
Nice work, I really hope you stick with it. It will be worth it in the long run!

ya, the bucket is deffinatly not right yet, im still using the mesh from when i did the rigging tests. but anyway, now that im awake im going to try and finish the last bit of mesh on the main arm.

very nice bro, what are u using this for? is it going to be part of a presentation? something your selling? or just a project for fun? If its just for fun you might consider aging the bucket and arms with wear and tear’ as it being all “shiny” and new makes it look a little toyish

ya this is completely for fun. as to the wear and tear, from looking at pics of the caterpillar excavators the only parts of the machine where there are really noticable wear and tear are on parts of the second arm, the bucket and around the bolts. which i will be adding. i have only started to texture the main arm and atm i am still working on the mesh. i have the hydraulic lines run to the rams, unfortunatly im on a dif comp atm so i dont have the file so i cant post a pic :frowning:

ok, i have finally gotten back to my home PC, and i have some new pics. i improved the bucket mesh based on a real bucket. still no good textures though, ill do that after im happy with the mesh of the entire arm. shouldnt be too long.

full pic


hydraulic line

more hydraulic lines

To do list:
1-finalize the arm mesh
2-texture the arm
3-build mesh for cab/tracks
4-texture the cab/tracks

Nice work. excellent adjustment on the bucket. I recommend using “set smooth” (Links and Materials tab). Your model is coming along great!

ok did some smoothing. added a bolt somewhere but i cant remember where… and improved the mesh slightly.

random pics…

as always imput is appreciated.

ok, i have the basic mesh for the cab (not the interior though) here are some pics


crits always welcome and appreciated.