First real project

Hello. As you could have guessed from the title, this is my first real project in Blender. Although it is a simple render, it seemed to take a very long time for me to complete. I am actually rather intimidated to post this on the forum, after looking at work that other newbies have posted. I am still working my way through the online tutorials, so I have much to learn. Please don’t hesitate to let me know what you think though. Thank you


naaaaw, your doin great. You need a little more work with you materials. Chalk it up to learning. You will get it right. If your bored with this project start a new one.

But I think you did great 8)

Hey, that’s really good stuff. It evoked an emotional reaction and was immediately readable.

It’s a great prop.

Nice, I like the scratches on the surface of the nade. The clip looks a little too big and clucnky though. But if youre done with the project, no worries, just something to think about. :slight_smile:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but that was not a tutorial? Right? Well, I’m impressed. As a noob, going through( or however it’s written) the internet tutorials, I think it was really good. Way out of league for me, at least for now. Keep on the good work!

No that wasn’t in the tutorials. It was the first thing that I really tried on my own besides a few logos.

Nice job. Take a look at the steel top of the handle though, where the light is shining on it. The specular turns pretty wierd right there, like you’ve got a wierd smoothing/face issue. Check you verticies, the ‘bumpy reflection’ is pretty distracting.

Good job though, keep blending.

This is fantastic for a first project!

I have been working on something very similar (Also a grenade, but an M67.) and I, too, am quite new to Blender. You have no idea how much of a relief it is to see someone else in a similar situation as myself with regard to Blender! I deeply respect your bravery and honesty in posting here.

Great work! :smiley:

How long have you two been blending? I’m also quite new, and haven’t yet started on a “real project”. So I’m sort of wondering if I’m a slow learner or something… :-?

I’ve only been at it seriously for a couple of weeks. I’ve messed around with Blender in the past, but never really tried anything serious with it or bothered learning all that much about using it. The interface was VERY intimidating to me then, so I avoided it. Big, scary, lots of buttons. Now that I’ve been getting into it seriously, it’s not bad at all. I’m finding it to be a lot of fun. It’s taking a while to learn all of the ins and outs of mesh modeling, because I’ve never done it before. The closest I’ve been is POVray. That’s a whole other barrel of monkeys, though.

My biggest problem with modeling is I can never think of a scene or object to work on. I’ve discovered that my main interest seems to be weapon modeling. That’s why I also chose a grenade. I figured I would start out with something not too simple, but not too difficult and go from there.

I think the most important thing is patience. Anything worthwhile in life is never easy. Don’t give up!

I guess I started about 2 weeks ago, and I have never messed with a program like this before either. My husband came home from work one day and told me about this program. We both started learning how to navigate around the program and make simple objects.
Trust me, you are not moving slow either. I think that Blender seems to have a pretty steep learning curve. I have been following the tutorials online at
and it seems that even the easiest things take forever for me to complete.

My husband actually started the grenade, but didn’t have any time to work on it, so I tried to take it from where he left off. On my days at home, I will spend most of the day fiddling around with the program, and following the tutorials. I find that, it is hard to get anything done here, because I sit around all day and play with Blender. After I kind of decided to take a break from the grenade, I haven’t really formulated a brilliant idea for a next project, that isn’t too far out of my league.

All I can say is to keep trying, it has got to get easier sometime. I’m sure of it.