First real sculpt attempt Demon

Hi this is my first attempt at sculpting and its also my first post.

This is an attempt at an old game character but there’s several things done wrong in it. Its initially blocked modeled from a cube and then sculpted on top using the multi resolution modifier. its geometry is therefore less than ideal and I will need to fix it with a retop but I’ve no idea how to do a retopo (even after watching the videos) I didn’t even know poles were a real thing until after I started doing this. so that’s going to be a real challenge. I’ve never unwrapped anything before either so that’s going to be another real challenge. Despite all this I’m pleased with how it is coming out.

Comments and critiques are welcome.

It needs to be redder.The teeth need to white.

Yeah its not textured yet. Its not even unwrapped. adn I’ve not done unwrapping yet.

I think the steps I’d need to do are:

  • retopology.
  • unwrap
  • bake normals
  • texture paint
  • Add Armiture
  • Pose.

I did adding an armiture and posing non organic objects once before but it was about a year ago and I was following a course. The other steps are pretty new to me.

Thanks for your feedback.

Oh here is the viewport view.

And the base mesh

It is all quads but it does need cleaning up

Okay after noting I broke symettry I decided to give this up. Heres a bit of a tongue in cheek post I put up in the facebook group for the course I’m doing.

So I’ve screwed up my pinky demon. As some point I broke the symmetry before retopology. I’ve tried various fixes which all have various bad results. I’ve also been struggling and repeatedly fixing issues. I’m going to need to revert to an early stage of the model (assuming I have one) and resculpt. However I did learn several things. In no particular order.

  • A decient topology must be in place before sculpting the fine detail.
  • Don’t remove the mirror modifier before sculpting. Half the work on this is fighting the mirroring at several points.
  • Stealing your wife’s pressure sensitive tablet is a must. Sculpting just doesn’t come out the same when done with a mouse. (If you don’t have a wife steal your girlfriends, if you have a boyfriend then steal his, otherwise get a partner with a pressure sensitive tablet)
  • Topology affects the sculpting and if you apply the multi resolution modifier to the base model be sure you haven’t deviated too much from the base model or you will end up creating sharp edges which resolve as artifacts later.
  • Don’t switch levels in the multi resolution artifact as this can add weirdness when going back to a previously sculpted layer.
  • Don’t break symmetry unless thats what you really intend to do.
  • Its nearly impossible to texture paint with autounwrapped high detail.
  • Once your wife gets fed up of you using her tablet buy her a nice touch sensitive monitor (Its not that good for blender anyway)
  • I can produce models that are much more detailed than I thought I could
  • Eventually there comes a point where you should give up and admit defeat.
  • I learned poles are a thing and that a good mesh isn’t a subdivided cube. (This was the purpose of the earlier video)
  • Subsurface scattering with a red underlying color prevents surface detail on a pink model. This is actually pretty obvious if you stop to think about it. But it confused me.
  • Maybe if your doing a course that shows you organic models then you should at least watch that before attempting one of your own.
    Theres probably a few others. I’d like to share my last iteration of the pinky before I revert him into a pink blob.

Keep at it you will get better.