First realistic (in ways of not very difficult)model: JVC KD-G322

Hi all

Since I dearly hope our car gets an audiomake-over, I went looking for a suitable one against a reasonable price.
I came up with the JVC KD-G322.

Why I choose to model this?
Well although it has some combination of shapes, it is fairly easy to model (or am I completly wrong?)thus a reason for me to model it.

Now the “problem” is that I want to name my shapes (which I later join together), but once I made the cd sleeve I assigned a name to it; CD (in Editing mode (F9)), but once I select the underlaying plane and then want to assign a name, it has the same name as the CD (in this case).
How do I change that??

I’m guessing that both th cd sleeve and the plane are the same object, you could either make them separate objects by selecting the plane (or any other parts you want to separate from the object) and pressing p, or you could make them separate vertex groups by creating vertex groups and assigning the wanted vertices to the wanted group. I’d recommend you make them separate objects