First Release! (Ink Ninja Abyss - on ANDROID)

Hey all. Very first release of many to come. Check it out.
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So what is the game about?
The video isn’t very descriptive…

Right, it’s just a teaser-promotional video. Gameplay video should be up soon. I have attached a gameplay screenshot.
But in short; the game is a fast-pace strategic runner-up.

The Objective is to escape from the dark-abyss below all while trying to stay alive from obstacles that would otherwise kill you such as shurikens, kunais, and Chakrams. Not to mention, you must maintain your Chi - else the Abyss will catch up to you faster-and-faster.

The Gameplay involves swiping in 4 directions (Left/Right/Up/Down) to jump and swing your Katana 1 of 3 colors (Red/Blue/Green).
You may gain bonuses for slicing obstacles with the same color or otherwise be penalized for hitting the wrong color.

The Goal is to get as high as possible (9999), get the highest score (infinite), and unlock all (27) achievements/trophies.

In addition - there are 3 Game Mode
Basic - your standard starting game mode. Starts out slow paced and picks up.
Ninja - Unlocks after beating Basic Mode with 9999 Height. Faster paced.
Chaos - Unlocks after getting 13+ trophies. Starts out slow paced but the direction you swing is randomize every 2000 Height and will not display which direction does what. A frustratingly challenging, yet entertaining twist.

(slim possibility of additional game modes in the future)

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Naturally, feedback is welcomed :}

what does this have to do with the blender game engine?

It was entirely made in BGE (we even have a finished BGE version standalone for PC), including the little promo-animation video. But with the slight lack of mobile support/difficulties porting to mobile (with much research), it is ran by UE4 (those two engines are match made imo).

Non-BGE gamesYou are allowed to post games in this forum that do not run with the Blender Game Engine as long as a significant part of the game is made with Blender. We think this follows the spirit of BlenderArtists.

Please state what engine you use if it is not the BGE.

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yes, i know what the sticky says. i wasnt accusing, just inquiring :slight_smile:

thats awesome you have a bge version. im actually looking to get into mobile stuffs, its good to know that ue4 worked well for you.

Oh haha, my bad.

Yes, we may include it for download once our site is up. Blender to UE4 definitely wasn’t easy in the beginning, but once all the kinks were worked out, it’s a breeze.

You should, mobile is a really good starting point. But we are looking to branch out into more PC & Console games. All our modeling and the likes are done in Blender, including all our prototypes. We actually have a Horror theme game for this halloween on PC that’s done already in Blender but will be porting through UE4 sometime next week hopefully. Ink Ninja Abyss was our crash course into mobile, this next horror game will be our crash course into PC/Steam deployment, and our next one (also quite finished in Blender, there’s even a video out there you can find with enough hunting-down that should be taken down eventually lol but Im not allowed to give it out yet ;)) will be for PC&Consoles (fingers crossed) but lets not get ahead of ourselves :stuck_out_tongue: