First Render Ever / Looking for criticism

Hello there!

Newcomer here, I started using Blender around 3 and a half weeks ago. I first headed over Blender Guru’s donut tutorial, then his intermediate anvil tutorial series. I messed around with Blender the next 3-4 days until I finally sat down and decided to do my first project. This took me 2 and a half weeks between the project and watching random tutorials for things I didn’t know how to do, with the last week being full on 3-6 hours a day just on the project.

This is a render of my full-time job office. The main challenge for me was that we are not allowed to have any electronics inside the area for security reasons, so half of the stuff I had to sketch (and well, let’s just say I’ve never really drawn much at all). The mouse, keyboard, chair and headset I modeled off reference photos online. The rest was badly drawn sketches with a lot of writing to remember colors, angles and height.

I have since bought some advanced courses that I was taking but decided to first finish this and I’m glad I did. I learned so much from doing this project. By far the most challenging thing to model was the desk chair taking me a full 3 days to finish. I’m still not happy with it fully by the way. The mesh part of it is not accurate to my real desk chair. But well, I couldn’t keep re-doing things.

It was super fun to do, and to see a blank scene with a cube turn into this is very rewarding. It definitely kicked my modeling skills into high gear doing everything from scratch. I still need to practice texture and details a lot. Being my first render there’s a bunch of things I could have probably done better or might need fixing, and that’s what I’m wanting to hear from more experienced folks.

Any suggestions and criticisms will be very much appreciated.

Edit: Got some nice suggestions so here is the revised render!

Edit 2: Rendered a second version, a close up while toying with the lighting and position of objects.

Thank you!


Wow, that’s quite good. I would never have guessed that it was your first project. You clearly have a talent for this. Keep it up!

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Thank you!! Much appreciated!

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I’ve revised the render with some suggestions I’ve gotten, here’s the list of what I changed:

-Fixed trash bags looking like wax

-The scale of the chairs, the height of the table, the size of the mouse not matching

-Chair material looked too perfect. Added noise textures with bump maps to give it a very refined bumping (barely noticeable, do you think I should up the value to be more blatant?) Also modified the arm rests size and texture to be a bit more reflective.

-Changed the papers taped to the cubicles to use a more realistic image instead of just plain text. (Also added some text to the far off papers)

-Overall added more glare values in the compositor, gave the monitors a very weak Emission shader since the office is supposed to be under heavy light.

-Tried to fix some odd behavior on the large coffee cup, changed the texture to be more foamy (since in my RL office we have expressos which come out quite foamy)

-Added a noise texture to the desk to make it less flat.

For reference here is the original render:


looks amazing !!!

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Thank you!

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Added a close up render toying with lighting, shadows and the position of objects. Getting some pesky fireflies/noise at 2000 samples.

Your Aeron seems to have gone casters-up though.

You might have fun trying to convert the scene to real-time (or near-real-time) in Eeeve in 2.80.

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amazing dedication to blender! i cant believe this is your first full project ever! the monotony of the office space lends itself to take more subtle differentiation, like a cup of latte on the side, dangerously dangling headphones or a roll of tissue on a flipped computer?? if thats your office, im very concerned for you and your coworkers. despite your setbacks with references, im impressed by how much youve improved on blender over a month! fantastic work!


Thank you so much for your kind words!

It is indeed my real life office, although I approached some details differently to kind of “spice” an otherwise bland office haha. Our PC towers have those pads to be laying vertically as well (although I once saw someone put 2 potted plants on top of it lol!) I wanted to add more details to each desk as my co workers typically also have lunch boxes, water bottles, books, jackets, etc but my self imposed deadline hit :smile:

It’s tons of fun. All the documentation and tutorials really help grasp how everything works!

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Hey Zoot, I messed around with Eevee and it is very fun! What I love the most about it is how fast it is to see how everything looks. And overall 2.8 seems to run faster for me too. A bit confusing at first with the new layout and hotkeys but huge improvement in almost every way.

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That’s quite good. I’m impressed with the chair and headphones after such a short period of time!:clap:

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

The chair was easily what took me the longest; 3 days, 3 attempts at the base parts. I managed to actually find reference photos of the exact model online but they are so old all the pics were at either 256x256 or 512x512 missing some angles lol! The headset took me 3 hours though, since that was towards the end of the project I had warmed up to the speed.

Set the bar too high for first render, don’t you think, looks amazing keep growing. All i can do is low poly pyramids in blender. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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Haha thank you!

I’m actually full on working on low-poly assets for a game but the engine uses separate bump maps and specular maps so I’ve had to learn 2D painting and do almost everything up to the textures like that. It’s definitely a change in pace and a whole lot different than this.

Keep at it too!

If this is your first render ever… i’m eager to see your next.

Very nicely done.

Next improvement to the scene is the lighting/material. Image feels slightly flat. not enough glossiness i guess… Would recommend to find a HDRI with office setting. Cycle loves HDRI :slight_smile:

It is :slight_smile:

Absolutely, the HDRI I used was a standard cloudy day, but I fear the position of the office itself is too low which I never considered lol!

And thank you!

Seems like I don’t believe you could do this in three weeks as a beginner. Lol

I’m not even there yet I learned so much texturing and materializing from pros on YouTube. I still need more time practicing my modeling skills with Blender.

Good job on your first project btw :+1:

Haha thank you! My weak point is probably surface imperfections and lightning, but I definitely love the modeling process even though it can be such a nightmare specially working complex shapes with subsurf.

Yep, The modeling process takes a lot of time to perfection especially adjusting and positioning correct location. Anyhow it’s good to learn.
Looking forward to see more of your works in here. :ok_hand: