First render -> looking for feedback

Hi there, I’m Marco and new to the Blender community. Glad to meet you all!

Here’s my very first render ever, the working title is “Life of a rockstar”. It was basically a try to get used to Blender and to modelling, as well as to play around with shaders and materials a bit. It’s not perfect by far, and that’s exactly the reason why I’m posting it here. I’d appreciate ANY feedback I can get on it! Please tell me what you think and what could be done better (or what is OK in your opinion).

Thanks a lot in advance!!!


Hi, @misterjinx,
I like the color scheme of your render and materials of the pill container. I’m not an expert, but, as I see it
things to improve would be:

  • try to get more contrast between the glass and background (use DOF, for example)
  • give the glass some “cold drink look” - like moisture condensing on it
  • give the pills material more contrasting color - white, or even blueish, to draw attention to them.

Hi @Miss_BB,

thanks a lot for your reply and opinion! The contrast thing and the pills are something that came up to my mind too I must admit. Additionally the glass has some slight streaks when looked at in close zoom, I’m not 100% sure how to get rid of them yet. The “cold drink look” is a great idea, thanks a lot!

Best regards, Marco

The bottle cap on the right corner has some contrast. It sticks out of the image like it’s not part of it.

I feel the glass could possibly do with a bit of a catchlight on it; as others have said it’s lacking contrast a bit and that may help give it a bit of “pop”.

Also I’m struggling to tell what it’s meant to be sitting on. If the marble type surface is meant to be a tabletop, it would be rather unusual to put things like a glass that close to the edge.

Looking at the bottle cap again, It draws the viewer away from what matters in the picture.

Nice color scheme and lighting! Something about the background draws me in, in search of some relationship to the stuff in the foreground. Can’t say that I see any, but I am tempted to search. Some subtle clue in the background as to what’s going on might make for a nice story-telling touch.

Often what makes an image visually believable to me are the gritty details, deviations from ideal geometry or texture. A few of these might enhance the result here. The pills and glass seem unnaturally pristine, for example. We often see a faint dusting of chalky, white material on pills and/or the interior of a bottle, depending on pill composition and on how they have been handled. Faint prints or smudges on the glass, or some residue from an uneven pour or from the drink having been partially consumed that leaves a remnant coating on one side of the glass interior might work. Imperfections (ink bleed, perhaps) on the label are also not uncommon. Something about the lid seems to beg for abuse, even slight deformation under the hand of its desperate handler. Maybe some dings in it? Ideas only, for what those are worth.

@humanartist, @Dheorl, @DeadCenterSoul,
Thanks a lot for all your feedback guys, that helps me A LOT! Very good observations and ideas. It’s really fascinating what another pair of eyes can see that’s somehow hidden to the own.

Have a look at that link. What I am trying to get you too see is the composition section. He talks about digital artwork, but composition applies to 3D renderings too.