first render (secret storage room)

please be honest, if it is terrible tell me.


Turn on some lights

ooh, a black rectangle with white ovals. So interesting -.-

Ya, its too dark! More definition of the scene needed. Light needs to light up some thing:

I would say that it doesn’t make any sense, those lights are just circles with emit values but they’re not actually effecting the scene at all. It’s kind of stupid but in Blender Internal render engine you need lamps to light up the scene at all times. I like the ominous feel of the super-dark room but in the meantime it’s not really a scene.

Its got a nice spooky quality, but needs more interesting stuff

Again I would say brighten it up!

I have adjusted the levels and I have to say it looks like you have a really nice comic style to the image. Would be nice to see it brighter, but i would personally keep the lighting scheme you have. Keep up the good work!