First render, will apreciate any opinions!

Hello all!
I started using Blender about a year ago and I want to thank the community for all the content you put out it really helps people like me that are learning, thank you.

Ok, about this image (I know it´s not the best render in world). I was inpired by the arrival of a theatre company to my neighbourhood. I´m from a lower class neighbourhood and we don´t have a lot, so yea reason enough to be excited.
Anyways, I tried to capture the feel of the place instead of showing off a beautiful architectural render because there´s none to be shown around here. The name on the board it´s related to the theatre name.
The two vases in the corner are from the Andrew Price pack, he just gave out with one of his tutorials and it´s meant to be as a thank you for everything.

Thanks for the feedback, keep it constructive =)

EDIT: Cycles render, compositing in Blender too.
Thank you to the few people that commented. I figured it´s time to put myself out there a bit and get all the feedback.


photorealistic render! Keep going man!

Creepy vibe. I like it.