First render.

Well, this is my first scene that i am actually likely to finish. I already have MOST of it done, but i wanted to try and get some feedback. I am still quite new to blender and wanted to see if anyone had any critiques or tips/advice?

Also wondering if anyone has any advice for doing something like, making the large circular lights recessed into the ceiling instead of just kind of looking pasted on?

start by adding a plane from top view, then subdivide it once, and delete the middle vertex, so you have only the border edges. subdivide twice more, so you have 32 vertexes. now, while still in edit mode, add a circle with 32 vertexes, and scale it down so it’s inside the borders of your plane. now fill the space between using the fill or bridge edge loops command. now just extrude the circular portion inward. add an array modifier to repeat it.

Ah! awesome! thank you.

It looks quite good, but it’s kinda boring. It lacks some point of interest. Is the floor supposed to be water? Or is it that a reflective floor? In case it’s floor it should have some sort of bump.

Looks really good so far. My only critique is that the ceiling feels too low. Without some kind of reference for scale, it looks like it’s pressing down on the viewer. Or, if it’s a really wide hall with a normal height ceiling and really big light fixtures, it’s hard to tell. Make sense?

I also agree that some kind of displacement on the floor wouldn’t hurt either.

Nice though.

Well, if this is your first render, it’s quite good. Did you do it with the blender render or with the cycles engine?

Yeah, I have a marble-ish texture on the floor and i put a normal map on it, it looks GREAT in the material preview but, the gloss seems to really over power everything in the render, even though i have it set down to 0.100 on a mixed shader. I guess i just need to tweak it some more.

ok, yes! Now that you mentioned it i can definitely see what you mean, it is actually supposed to be a wider hall with some LARGE light fixtures. i will have to find something to give the scene some reference height wise. maybe i can also use it as a focal point, or something to make it a little more interesting at the same time.

Thanks! yes, i am rendering it in the Cycles engine.