First Render

Hey guys,

I just completed my first render and yes… it’s a coffee cup. I think rendering coffee cups is kind of like building that bird house or spice rack back when you were in shop class… every has to do it. Well… here is my spice rack!

I’m not completely happy with it and I know a lot of mistakes were made but I am happy that I actually have a final image. I can’t wait to get started on my next project.


Wow my first render was an untextured cube. Good Job!

Thanks very much! What was your second project?

It was a purple cup

Good first render.
Good job on the coffee bubbles. Only thing is: the spoon is not that deep or going through the dish/plate. And its floating

Nice! Love rendering glass.

Thanks. Yeah the spoon is what I was least happy with. For some reason I was getting a ton of reflection in the spoon part but none in the handle. It was fairly shallow but I don’t think the plate was coming through. I might of had some flipped normals in the handle. Funny enough, I was most happy with how my bump in the flooring came out. lol

Yeah, for a first try you did a good job on the floor.
you could try and recalculate the spoon’s normals, maybe thats works. or take another look at the spoon’s material for more glossyness