First rendered animation! Nova Obs.

(Pixel Sage) #1

Sorry, its me again.

Anyways, I kept my computer on last night to render an animation of the inside of the Nova Observatory. I didn’t realize the IPO curves would automatically smooth out the animation for me, which is nice. Anyways, this is the exported not-as-good quality version, but it’ll suffice.


(Spin) #2

Hey, that’s pretty good. I was almost expecting to see Chode, from ‘Tripping the Rift’ somewhere in that scene.

(Grape Ape) #3



I’m also wondering whats gonna be in the tubes, is an alian gonna burst out of some ones cheast?!

(Kjartan) #4

Hmm, it was so fast. Since being in space you should make the moves more “spacier”, slower and more gentle moves.
Add some music to it and it will be really cool :smiley:

(Pixel Sage) #5

Its only a small animation test ;). I spent less than 5 minutes to get the camera movement.

Grape Ape: Thanks :). That chamber is actually for humans, and its a sort of virtual reality device.

(juanjavier) #6

Fine animation, really…perhaps could you render a bigger one with slightly slower camera movement? I know it is just a test render, as you state, but seems very interesting…


(womball) #7

I kind of like the fast camera move. It does need to be less jerky though. Hahahaha, Spin said Choad!

(Streen) #8

I don’t recall seeing many, if any jerks in there…

Really nice animation over all and looks to be coming along very well. In fact, a character I’m working on right now could be just perfect for that ship. Very good.