first scene (halloween)

Hello everyone

this is my first completed scene i hope you guys like it:D

there’s a story behind this picture:
i made this picture for our school magazine and our school is called the willem de zwijger college(highschool) i wanted to make a halloween picture and decided to build a graveyuard because our school is named after him ii decided to make the pic about him, his real name was Willem van Orange and he is the founder of our country(the netherlands) but he died while he was fighting for our country thats why theres a sword in front of his grave.

i like the pumpkin in the back the most of all;)

and finally a shot of the sword:

r&r welcome:D

Awesome job :slight_smile: right now I’m just starting and looking at this stuff is kinda daunting almost lol.

thanks for the reaction, im also quite new to blender onley learned how to use textures for the stones, the sword and the tree the last few days. also i followed allot of tutorials to get to this pic;)

Well I wish you the best of luck :slight_smile:

I like it :slight_smile:
that’s really good for your first scene

@Bourreu thanks you 2 here is the tut for the pumpking i learned a whole lot from it

thanks i started with the pumpkin tut and it turned out nice and i decided to make the eyes and the mouth in the pumpkin and then i need a ground etc. thats how i got this scene :stuck_out_tongue:

in the pumpkin, how did you make the holes?? i tried to use the boolean stuff bt it stuffs up.

hey i wil make a mini tut tomorrow here on how to make the holes;)

You have skills man! That is one great first scene.

I have one crit. This may be just me, but it is to bright. Not spooky enough. If you want to fix this render (you may be finished with it I don’t know), try lowering your lighting energy (or use nodes to darken the scene) and go with a darker gray background cloud texture. The glare from the pumpkin onto the foreground tombstone is really good, keep that, but the background objects should be darker.

Excellent sword!

And I love that pumpkin in the background. Really nice composition.

Happy blending!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Awesome, but bring the specularity down on the stones, and maybe engrave the writing instead of having it a seperate object.

cant wait for the tut!

hello i made the tutorial:D

you can make the pumpkin by following the tutorial on

stap 1

you start with this:
go into face select mode (cntr+tab)

stap 2
select the faces as in the image below and then subdivde them:

stap 3
select the faces as in the image below, and delete them:

stap 4
select the 3 top verticles of the eye and merge them at center:

stap 5
select the faces as in the image below and subdivide them:

stap 6
select the faces as in the image below and delete them:
(you may want to remodel the mouth)

and if you done everything correct you now got this:

stap 7
select everything in edit mode and extrude it. Left click and scale it in:

stap 8
put a lamp in it with a high enery level and a slightly orrange colour and youre done, you can also make a nose but that goes the same way as the eyes:D

i hope its clear this way;)

thanks for the advice but its very hard to make the scene darker by lowering the energy of the lamps if i do that you loose the nice lightning effect of the pumpkins and i dont know how to make it darker with nodes im verry new to that.

Good advice, i lowered the hardness on the stones and its better but i dont know a way to engrave the lettres in the stone, ive tried it but it didn work.

awesome tut

thanks im glad i could help:D

Here is a good tut on how to engrave text into a mesh :

ey thanks for the tut i tryed it but the tombstone has to much faces to do this my computer crashhed when i tryed it, also this is finished i made this for the school magazine, i hope people like it at school:D