First scene is a fittle flat

I have a room with stone floor and walls. How do I get a polished look especiall on the floor? I am trying to get a black granite look.

All the textures I used (images and those generated in blender) look much better in the sample than in the scene.)

Another thing that has me stumped, the legs on the gold bowl were generated with a bezier curve but in the render come out squared off.


Nice… but sorta hard to see :slight_smile:

Yes, that is one of my problems. I really haven’t looked at lighting a whole lot yet so I don’t know how to increase the light without overpowering the scene. I can wash out all the detail very well well thank you ;), I’ve done that already.

In addition to the lighting problem I’m trying to figure out how to get the floor to look polished and the bowl to look like gold metal, not like gold cheap spray paint.

Any ideas?


Since I finished enough of the scene to post I had time to play with the lights. I added a second in the ceiling dome. Now it is easier to see and it is no longer the flat featureless mess it was before.

In fact it is easier to see the the floor needs work. How can I get that shiny polished look? And the metal bowl on the table. How can I get that to shine like metal?