First scene - please comment

Hey Guys, I’m really nob on Blender, so I created that scene below. I will apreciatte all comments and critics.

As a first go, it’s good, but there are things wrong.

Your bump maps are too exaggerated, which is very easy to do. Sometimes in life you feel it, rather than see it.

Some of your colours are too saturated (curtains, chair etc). As much as we may like to think so, RL colours are more subtle.

And then there’s the composition. There’s no real focus. You need something that takes the eye, and tells the story (however subtle it may be).

Hi Roken, thank you for comment. I got you said, but what’s RL colours?

Hey Roken, I believe Corpala was saying Real Life, when saying RL.

Definitely, you must find a focal point of the image. Maybe you can put something in the center or change angle of the camera.

Are you aiming for photorealism or something more stylistic?

I think it’s a nice 1st effort but agree with the folks above. Also I’m a little confused by the decor although I’m no interior decorator. Ultra modern and old school. Many times a Google search of real interiors is a good starting point I’ve found. While there you might pull up Art composition. The vase on the right is troublesome because it is just touching the border. Have the border either crop it or move it into the room.

Also Google search arranging pictures. The placement of those three on the right wall is… well just Google. Once again a promising 1st effort and do file it away. In six months or so it will bring a smile to your face. It just takes time and patience. Enjoy the journey.