First Script - Align to Curve

My first try for an addon, aligns an object along a Bezier Curve. (1.91 KB)

Hi Jimflin,

For your first add-on, you just shooted! 1000 point! Very good idea, friend!
Thks to share your job.

Thank you, nice one. Good that objects has still rotation values, clearing them another purposes eg. columns.

Yep. That’s the next step to go - an addon for railings, fences and stuff…
Not sure about how much presets I’d like to implement, I’d like to keep it clean and simple.

One proposal: amount of objects along curve. 0 could be full curve (as it is now), 1 = 1 object etc.

Great idea, found it already strange it is not yet already in blender, i agree with TynkaTopi, that it would be cool that more objects could go on the curve, perhaps like also two different objects in checker order for example.

thanks,a long awaited script!(array instances along curve).option to specify no. of objects and incremental scaling,rotating of objects (for placing leaves on palm branch)will be great.

Very good script, thank you very much :smiley:

haha! its fine!

Great idea. Sure wish I’d known about it a couple of months ago.