first script (working link)

MY FIRST SCRIPT, title : follower
Hi, this is my first script that I have made (well that I have written 100 percent by my self) and I finished it in just 2 days i thought it would take me a few weeks. just ignore those typos ill fix them in the finale draft and its going to be live action with CGI and heres a few things you may want to see before you start reading the script otherwise it wont make sense for this short film

Dali/space elephant



it should work now!!!

Downloading file

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It just don’t like me - I got no joy yet! Maybe you just put in envelope and send it to us.

Okk Try Now This Is Making Me So Mad!

I am not signing up for a hotmail account to download a simple text file.

******* its not working? ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahah forget it ill send you the link to youtube when i finnesh it

Nah - No Joy. Go Get some Envelope and Stamps. Don’t come back without them!