First sculpt- Accidental Ghandi

Hi guys,

This is my first go at sculpting. I’ve been wanting to have a go ever since I first downloaded Blender a few months ago and I finally got the chance today. :slight_smile:

I followed along with a tutorial and was aiming for a cute, big-eyed cartoonish head but somehow ended up with a somewhat Ghandi looking bust :joy:

I’m very pleased with the result- took about an hour and a half to sculpt and then rendered in Eevee. I don’t think it’s bad for a first go, but I’d very much appreciate any feeback anyone has!

I used this awesome tutorial to figure out how to sculpt. Thanks to Grant Abbitt!![sculpt|578x500]

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Good job!
I’m a beginner at sculpting as well. You did a good job at staying out of the uncanny valley! I like your display material a lot as well! (Materials have been my biggest thing in Blender so far.)
Keep it up!

Thank you! Believe me, I’m having a nightmare with materials too- spent all day on Friday trying to make my glass reflective! This was just a principled BSDF with metallic at 100%, the roughness down to around 30% and a bit of noise texture :slight_smile:

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