First Sculpt Critique

This is my first serious sculpt, and it’s supposed to be an elderly woman. Please ignore the ear as I intend to add better ones during retopo. How can I make it better?


Anybody got anything to say? Otherwise I’ll just have to assume it’s perfect…

hahaha nowhere near XD no but really its pretty good, your proportions are a little off though. Missing an ear on the left side of the face, if the face was your own, or right side looking down or forward at the face. Eyes seem very cratered, the complexion is too…erm, destroyed. it looks like this guy stood twenty years out in the sandy desert getting blown by the wind or sommat. Lips are very thin, disproportionate to his face, nose is too large, single ear too low down, cranium too pointy, should be more rounded as in the following picture---->

further more, the jawline doesnt represent any type of humanistic bone structure. If you take this head, and place it over your…laughable head, you will see your misproportions.

And next time, dont try to automatically state that your sculpt is perfect. People spend years using this program, and not once do they assume, they are the best. stating its perfect, is like saying everyone elses works suck, compared to you obviously hastily done sculpt.
And if someone doesnt reply, it doesnt mean the best it can mean any of the following three things, or a combination

No one has anything to say, because its just so bad, they dont want to hurt your feelings
the title of your post isnt interesting, and there is not “attachment” symbol, so they dont see anything interesting about just a bunch of words (even though the post may ACTUALLY contain imagery)
and 3, people just assume you can learn within your own ability, and so when they see “Anybody got anything to say? Otherwise I’ll just have to assume it’s perfect” they want to wait for you to make your own mistake, and laugh when they realize that because of your assumption, you will always do something wrong

Word of advise be more humble. what you make is what you make, but it will never be perfect and you will never stop learning.
heed those words, and maybe ill hope for you to be a better artist some day…or at least a better person

Wooooh. Someone hasn’t taken their happy pills today. If you had taken the time (precisely 5 seconds, I believe) to fully read my posts before lumbering into your angry, and frankly misdirected rant, then you would have discovered that it it isn’t a he, but an ‘old woman’ and that you should ‘ignore the ear’. I think the fact that you didn’t actually read my post suggests that you weren’t really interested in giving me much useful information.

I think the keyword in my second post was ‘assume’. Of course I know It’s not perfect, I was trying to provoke someone to respond so that they would give me some critique. I asked how I could make it better, which suggests I want to improve it.

After sifting through your post a couple of times I have found 3 useful pieces of info: that the nose is too big, the eyes are set back too far and the head is too pointy. I thank you for these snippets of information and I will use them to improve my model, but as you bombarded me with life lessons then maybe I can give you one too: don’t take your bad mood out on everyone else!

Do everyone a favor and stop speaking on behalf of other people you don’t know.

To the OP, nobody likes a bumped thread, especially when it’s less than a day old, which is what warranted the snotty response you got. That said, I think you’ve found more than enough grains of useful information in the otherwise abhorrent reply, so it would probably be best to just take the good and ignore the bad rather than throwing some more kindle on the fire and eventually getting this thread closed before you get the resolution you were looking for.

As to the model, I think it’s pretty good for a first sculpt. Of course, as RudeDood suggested when you do an older person it’s extremely important to play close attention to bone structure as typically there isn’t too much hanging off of that skull. I’d love to see reference images if you had used them, but if you didn’t then I would recommend always using them in the future. Just plop them up on your monitor along side of blender or print some out and tape them around your computer. If you’re not looking at anything real you can very rapidly get wrapped up in a specific detail that ends up a little off and eventually causes you to skew the rest of the object.

I should note by the way that I have extremely limited experience in 3D graphics software and basically no experience in digital sculpting, but I do have experience in actual sculpting and from what I’ve seen it shouldn’t be handled any differently on the computer.

I have decreased the size of the nose, and made the overall shape of the head more like an actual skull (+ some other bits). I am not sure whether the jaw line is correct, though. I have been using reference photos, but they are of multiple people because I couldn’t find any of one person from all angles - it is not really based on any one person but I would still like to get it fairly anatomically correct before I go on to retopology and texturing it.

By the way IAmBill, I did leave it a day before I bumped the thread. I live in the UK, so I guess there is a time difference. :yes:

The jawline is looking better but it’s still feels off… perhaps it’s because the chin is too wide. The forehead should be much taller. Typically the eyes should rest in the middle of the head height. When RudeDood said it was too pointy, what he meant was that it was coming in from the base too much. As you see in the skull reference, the cranium should scale wider from the base and then flatten out. It actually didn’t need much adjustment from the first render, it just needed to flatten out a bit quicker. The nose looks kind of sloppy, but perhaps that’s justified on a person of that age… it’s very hard to say. When you get a person that weathered, you could always justify the beat up look to avoid criticism. That said, for the sake of anatomy, I would thin out the chin, scale up the cranium, scale up the cheek bones, push the bridge of the nose back, and give her less of an under bite.

Also, unless math works differently in the UK, I’m pretty sure (17-Jul-12 09:12) - (16-Jul-12 16:04) is less than 24 hours anywhere on the globe. Time zones aren’t going to change the relative time difference.

EDIT: Oh, one last thing… you keep mentioning re-topologizing which I just wanted to make sure you understand that you’re going to lose most of those details when you do that. Perhaps that won’t be such a bad thing and maybe you were just trying to get an idea of the final product before you go ahead and do that, but most of those wrinkles are not going to be preserved when you put down the new topology.

Hey dude!

Take a look at Andrew Loomis’s work.

This is the go to guy for drawing when it comes to anatomy. Live it and learn it :slight_smile: Check out the proportions. Keep it up man!

To note there is also layer of fat behind the eyes which shrinks like the other fat depots which adds to what already happens to the sheeks to make the eyes not just appear deeper but really make them deeper inside the eyes socket.