first sculpt head

I been using blender for around a year in freetime still got a lot to learn but its fun.
Been trying to do heads lately but usually i poly by poly model still learning loops and all that but hers a sculpt i worked on for a few hours not retopoed or anything never done it but got to start somewhere right. Its kinda realism but stylized into his own toon lol c&c welcome
Ive never took anatomy classes or whatever just what ive been learning since started blender. I dont draw i just work from my head so this is just freestyle. thanks for looking

clay and simple ss bi mat
Not sure how to post a pic from my comp on here it just like sits there trying to attach something forever.
edit: ok i had to go to my setting for these boards and turn off using the advanced attatchments and now i can do pics.

I don’t know much about proportions and what not so this might not even be accurate, but imo from the side the head looks to long.

What is the file size of your picture? I don’t think that you can attach files on this forum that are more than two MB.

425KB 951x787 they are small usually i take em half the 1080p mode but i combined it in gimp i thought i made it a power of 2 maybe that is why not sure still.

What are you saving the image as? The valid file extensions are blend, jpe, jpeg, jpg, pdf, png, and zip. At least that’s what it says right under the manage attachments button.

ya they are one of those usually i do png because they lose no data Ya i read what it can take thats why im not sure what is wrong but i tried to let load for like10 minutes and its like trying to load and the thingy is moving in a circle but it just never uploads it. oh well thanks for tryin to help.