First sculpt - male head. Constructive feedback please

Hi! Sooo just picked up the new Blender 2.82 Alpha for a spin and this is what came out.
As the title says, this is my first sculpt that I want to improve following anatomically correct proportions and muscle placement.
Please help me correct the lips, as I think it is the most noticeable irritating feature I see in this face and it haunts me a nights.
Anatomy is hard :slight_smile:

  1. Always use references. Always. Even great masters always use references.
    Use photo references, videos and … you can cheat a little, you can download a human 3D scan, and use it as a 3D reference (but keep in mind that this model is not yours, and you can not use it in work, only as 3D reference)
    and other
  2. Paid video tutorials and books.
    Anatomy forSculptors - The best book on human anatomy for sculptors imho
    Video tutorial, but it for ZBrush, but it very similar.
    I can recommend it -
    It looks good, but I didn’t watch it -
    and other
  3. Free video tutorials and books
    and other
  4. Practice. Sculpt one head, second, third … tenth, each time it will turn out better and better.

I am in no way a sculptor - but this is what I see:
Pull the middle part of the upper lip out. It should rather overlap the lower lip, than the other way round, as it is now. This looks a bit disfigured. That’s maybe why it haunts you at nights. :ghost:

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Thanks! Yes, now that you mentioned it, I think you’re right, the upper lip is pushed too much into the mouth.

To add to what @so3Datel says:

You can take a decent skull model (there are loads of free ones online) and align it with this head of yours. It should immediately show the problem areas, with proportions, with shapes, with relative positions of features, etc. etc.

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Wow, thanks for all those resources.
I love the Anatomy for sculptors book, wouldn’t be able to get even to this stage without it :slight_smile:
I’ve heard of Grassetti and will definitely check him out now. My go to tutorials guy is Pavlovich :slight_smile:
You suggest to sculpt different heads instead of focusing on polishing this one further?

It looks like you’re in perspective view mode, then I can’t model, I need to be in orthographic view mode, then Sculpting is Much easier - -

Consider getting a 3D scanner, best one is Structure Sensor Mark 2 ( not mark 1 ), comes with an iPad, then you can get a Easy base mesh, and then add details, to get what you want - -

In Perspective it’s like looking through a camera, it bends the 3D, it’s more realistic, to the eyes, but it makes sculpting a night-mare, At least, I Feel - -

Heyo, good attempt!

Regarding execution, I think you need to spend more time working with the simpler volumes of the head before going onto the deets. This way you can avoid proportional issues. Its tempting to get to thedetails but measuring proportion gets more difficult once details are there.

Muh two cents and attached are images from Elliot Goldfinger’s Elements of human Anatomy I got of google images.
Most anatomy books will demonstrate this concept of simple masses. So its not a must buy if you already have something like it.

Happy Blending~


@dodeqaa said:

Creating a head from a primitive is also part of the process. Basic forms also need to be honed.
To remember, you need repetition. Therefore you need repetition + a new level of attention to detail at every repetition. Imho, this is how it works for me.

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U may get some unsuspected distortions if u used perspective view. To switch to orthographic view press numpad number 5 i think its toggleable :grinning:

agree with this one :D.