First sculpt test

Hey. This is my first sculpting test. Well, not really… but it’s the first time that I actually try to make something out of it :P. Anyways, I wanted to hear some crits and opinions from you guys. For now it’s just a head. It started from a UV Sphere. Maybe i’ll add the neck later.

Well thats pretty darn good, except its not quite symmetrical.

I think it is amazing. Do you have a 3d or sculpting background? I think the asymmetry adds to the flair of the picture since no human face is actually symmetrical.

Wow thanks musk. Lol, Blender is my first and only experience with 3d tools :P.
Borgleader: Well, the face is actually all symmetrical. I just added those asymmetrical wrinkles on the forehead to make it more realistic and interesting.
Thx guys for the comments.

Added and enhanced a few details and worked on the definition.

Ok now THAT is like…WOW. Youre gonna texture that right? You better or I’ll steal it and texture it myself :stuck_out_tongue: Gotta find that 3ds max skin texture tutorial again though…

Captain Picard?

Cool. :slight_smile:
Nothing left to be desired in the scupting department. You’re going to texture and animate that, right? Would be a shame not to.

what?? can’t believe i was looking at a sphere thing! (ex-sphere actually) :smiley: you seriously have sculpting talents man! keep it up spockless.

Thx guys for all positive feedback! Unfortunately, this one won’t be neither textured or animated. Since I was only getting familiarized with the sculpt tools, I just made it from a Sphere. So the eyes aren’t actually spheres (making it hard to texture the face and impossible to animate) and the lips are connected to each other(once again, making it impossible to animate). Saying that, I think i’ll leave this as it is and start a more serious project that will be textured and animatable (that isn’t even a word :P).
Thx guys for all the comments and I hope to see you soon in my not-yet-started WIP.

PS: OMG, Jackblack is right! He totally looks like Picard XD.

Here’s my new WIP thread that I mentioned above: link

He has some resemblance with picard, but its not that big…

I mean Picard

hey i think you can use retopoto create a more basic and organized mesh/topology out of that sculpted one…so it can be easier when you go into texturing (if you’ll put texture to that guy)

Hmmm… Never understood what was retopo until now. I mean, I never even looked into that. Thank you, but I’ll still leave this project as it is.