First sculpting attempt - human head

Finally got some time on my hand, so I watched cgcookie tutorial on sculpting a human head and gave it a shot myself.

I decided its time for me to learn sculpting , and this is my first sculpt.

Its not really a perfect head, I see some obvious odd parts, but I wanna hear what you think

I like the muscle and skeletal structure you can see around the temple area in particular. The nose has a nice shape too. The ear seems a bit small in proportion to the rest of the head. Ears are surprisingly large when not covered by hair. They sit lower on the head than most folks realize too. Extending the ear up and back will help cover what looks a little rough behind the ear too. The bracketing around the mouth is a nice detail too.

Hi there! Well it reminds human face, lot of space for improvement thought

I think you should really study a bit human anatomy as proportions are quite off.

Few easy to remember tips:

  • face is divided in three parts with identical height: hairline to eyebrows, eyebrows to tip of nose and from tip of nose to jaw
  • gap between eyes is one eye wide
  • mouth is very close to nose
  • jaw and forehead are in same depth

These are just some tips, on top of these overall muscle structure is very important to understand in order to create believeable results

Its quite good
looks well, asian ?, i think the back of the head should be larger, the neck and head backside are not straight equal normally.
He might have small ears, and maybe his cheek bones are a bit high, or else the shadow below it is at a high place dough that could also be an effect of the current lighting.
I wonder how you made this

i put zero effort in the neck yet.

I made it following cgcookie tutorial on sculpting human head, where workflow was like : low poly sphere --> roughly shape it as head(in sculpting mode) --> subdivide --> add basic key features --> subdivide --> add detail -->subdivide

At the end polygon distribution was not really the best, parts that needed more polygons had the same ammount of them as those that didnt need that many (example ears and mouth)

taking in mind your tips, after some more work

What reference images are you using? If your answer is, “I’m not.” then that’s your problem.