First sculpting results

Hi everybody,

I started sculpting about three weeks ago and want to share some of my progress so far. There is still a huge gap between the awesome sculpts I see every day here and my own! :smiley: However, I was impressed how easy and fast it is to get some initial results and am so far quite satisfied already. But the nicest thing is how much fun sculpting actually is. I always avoided it, because I thought it would be super difficult, but am glad that I know finally at least tried experimenting a bit around with it. Sure still lots to learn and the models I chose are more on the easy side. :sweat_smile: In the beginning I tried not to go too much in the details of the sculpts to get more quantity, more different types of sculpts, instead of the same sculpt over many days. Doing iterations made also more fun, I gotta say. I started with two tutorials from Grant Abbitt, which I want to shout out a big thanks for this tutorials!!! After that I tried to look for my own references on the internet. Well, I would be glad if you let me know what you think about it and of course also let me know if you have any suggestions on what to change, how to improve. :slight_smile:


These are great, love the details on giraffes leg. Are you sculpting with mouse or do you have something pressure sensitive?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: I actually had to redo the legs a few times, sometimes they were too big, sometimes too small. I am using a drawing tablet, an purchase which I haven’t regretted doing yet, although I was thinking a long time about if I really needed one, before I got it.