First sculptris (Thanks Michael W)

After checking out Michael W’s forum I decided to try sculptris. Here is what I came up with.( I know this isn’t blender ,but i like these forums.)

edit: I meant post when I said forum

I started painting on it now.

Pink is just a placeholder. She’s most likely going to be greenish I think.
Any crits?

She needs wicked elf ears. No crits, but I like what you have, she is like a tree spirit.

Yeah thats pretty cool!

Dang 3dmentia, I wish I thought of that before I started painting. I have a bit of painting done and don’t want it to be pointless. All I have right now are inlet ears.

Here a a few screenies

This is an old one from the back of the head in case you were wondering what it looks like.

Here is a newer screen with reflection so you can see the bump map on it.

Anyone have a good idea of what kind of texture should I use for the normal skin? between the leafy and barky textures. I’m blank.

I think I’m nearing the end of my little project. Unless later I scrap the texture, make new ears and a body, thats a slim chance though.

Thanks to my girlfriend who told me to use dirt for the skin.

What do you think?

edit: sorry for tripple post, i just noticed

A bit glossy, even the last ones…

its just using the default material on sculptris. the really glossy one is to show the bump map.