First serious ArchViz

Hi everyone! today i started my first serious ArchViz, as the others were just little excercizes. I took the plans from here’s the link to the article: LINK
Unfortunately there’s no front or side view of the floorplans, so i guessed the height.

This is a first render, on the current to-do list i have:
-Better wood planks material.
-Grunge textures.
-Creating a surrounding terrain with grass, trees and other little plants.
-Modelling and adding the furniture visible from the outside.

600 Samples GPU 4:10 Minutes

( the floor tiled material is the most complex in this scene but also the less noticeable :mad: )

I would really like to have critiques and comments on this :slight_smile: Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Little update, added the glass panels in the first floor, all the curtains, some furniture outside, and a bit of grunge.
I’m starting the inside.

The furniture in this renders are oversized, i’ll post other renders soon

This is beautiful! way no comments?! really great job! try to add a sky to make it look more real…also I think the furniture is scaled a little to large for the size of the house…besides that everything looks wonderful!