First serious female head and body sculpt attempt

Hello everyone, been spending like three evenings on this project, going through a lot of iterations supported by backup of non artists, now I thought I’ll step it up a notch by posting here.
This is still work in progress, I highly look forward to your thoughts to improve upon the anatomy.
What I see so far, but am not yet sure how to fix:
The face proportions are falling apart the farther away I am with the camera.
The head is less accurate on any other perspective but front view.
(Ears are yet to get some actual effort put into, so ignore the anatomy of those for now.)

Thanks for critiquing!

I’m a bit of a noob myself, so I’ll won’t try to go beyond what I know myself.

I’ve seen different ways for how to use “The ball”. Afaik the horizontal center line should align with the top of the eye-sockets. You want this to be positioned relative to something that is part of the skull, because otherwise the technique stops being reliable once you want a different facial expression. At least that’s my understanding.

Someone give this person a forehead!

Other than that, to be honest, I think the biggest problem here is that you haven’t finished.

Photographers shoot portraits with focal length of 85mm to 135mm. Blender has a default focal length of 50mm as you can see in your screenshots (N-panel). Have a look here to see how the focal length affects perception. I use a value around 110mm. This gives me an idea whether and how far the ears stick out.

Here are a few points I noticed that you might improve:

  • the ears are placed too high. At least that’s how it appears in the side view. If you’re unsure, just put glasses on her.
  • the eyes are too small or too far apart (and this would mean that the head too wide). I’m not sure because this might be affected by the focal length, too. Between the eyes there is usually room for one eye. In perspective view a half eye fits left and right. The head is about five eyes wide. Example
  • the forehead is too much receding. Add a little more volume.
  • the base of the breast is a little too far up. The breasts usually start at the level of the armpits. They also have a bit too much a “V” shape. But this also depends on the bra/clothes.
  • just to get the proportions right: an adult human is about 6 to 7 heads tall. Of course, this depends on the height of the body. Very small women have a “big” head relatively in relation to the body and shoulders. (In fact, the head is as large as that of tall women, only the rest of the body is more petite).
  • the eyelids also need a bit work :thinking:
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