First serious model, low-poly human figure. Could I get some tips?

Hey guys. I’ve been wanting to get into game development, and I wanted to start by honing my modeling skills. This is my first time playing with B3D in a long time, and probably the longest I’ve spent on a model.

It’s a low-poly human figure, and I was hoping for some advice/tips/concerns/things I did right. I followed a tutorial for bits and pieces, but a lot of it was a bit improvised and I want to know if I did anything well/did anything poorly, especially in concerns to rigging and animating. Additionally, I’ve been having some problems with the normal directions in the hands, and I couldn’t figure out how to fix them.



human1.blend (387 KB)

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I would recommend rigging this guy and also UV unwrapping him. There is more to low-poly modeling than simply using a small number of polygons; You also have to be careful about where you place edges so the model will deform in realistic ways and so you can unwrap the model with minimal seam issues.

If you can rig him and unwrap him then you will start to develop a deep understanding of these issue and it will teach you where your current model is deficient. You might not want to be an animator or a texture artist, but these are the people that will be using your model so you should know what is painful for them.

Okay! I was going to wait for some input on what I did right or wrong, but if you think I’d learn better from just going through the process first, I’ll try that. Thanks for the advice.

Also to the mod- sorry about the mix-up, thanks for moving it.