First Serious Scene

Any Comments? Its not in color yet.


its a bit hard to comment on the models because the scene is too dark to see them properly so if you could give us a picture that is a bit lighter, that would be good.

It still needs a bit of work to it, but going on it and it should turn out good. From what I can see it looks like you have some nice detail on the posts of the bed.


Not too much bloody lighter, though. Just a little extra so the shadows aren’t completely black. Also, try using radiosity for a scene like that, the single ray-lamp doesn’t do a whole crap-load towards atmosphere, radiosity would contribute to softer lighting.

This Picture is supposed to be a bedroom at night with the moon coming through the window.

Another Update:

Why did you turn off shadows?

So you could see the objects.

Lookin’ good. I really like the bed posts. Keep going at it.

Looks pretty good. :slight_smile: Two things though. First of all, the top of the bed is way too low. You would hit your head on it :p. Also the ends of the bedspread flip out oddly. But other than that, looking great.

The update looks way better than the original coz you can see it sooo much better. As before, great bed posts, but the top is too low