First serious YafRay render

In total, it took 14 hours and 59 minutes on my comp. I don’t like the caustic, probably because they’re too big. I’ll re-render it when I have time. Meanwhile, all the glasses uses preset even through there is a distinct difference between the left and right glasses. The bullet casings look plastic because I had to turn down the reflection.

I know I need a new computer.

C&C and Flames are welcome. I could use some flames for a BBQ party. :wink:

P.S. The stems are supposed to be THAT thin.

That is pretty wild looking Rayclovis!!

You say it took 15 hours approx. to render,and you need a new comp. What is your current computer if you don’t mind me asking? I have a older comp and my frame render times are rediculous as well. So i feel for you.


A laptop with Window ME. 733 MHz. ATI-RAGE Monitor. 128MB RAM. No upgrades for three-four years.

damn! i totally feel that. im using an old intel optiplex 733 MHz with 384 Mb of RAM and the built in video card. rendertimes are insaaane!
to render a full scene i usually throw it on in the morning and leave for the day and maybe its done by the time i get back.

nice looking glasses btw. the caustics look a little funny, maybe try increasing the photon count (and put about 5 hours more on that rendertime :slight_smile: ) so they blend together instead of having those spots.


I think I’ll just do that when I’m away on a vacation. While I’m away, I suppose I can make a ridiculously complex render so if I’m away for a week, I’ll know that the computer will take at least six days to finish. %| it’s actually a good idea.

Your first SERIOUS YafRay rendering is Seriously amazing. Does that mean the other YafRay renders that you did were just jokes? Just kidding.

Again, Blender does the impossible. A mouse fart could shatter those stems of the vases.

Great work!

hmmm - i guess you should be glad you aren’t using my 400mhz machine for renders. %|

looks pretty good aside from the caustics. i think there’s a setting where you can increase the blur of the photons.

When I first started using Blender, I had a 525 mhz Pentium III. I found (and still find!) that using a light window manager like IceWM often can give you substantially better render times.

That’s most likely do to IceWM using less memory than CPU cycles. IceWM uses far less memory than Gnome or KDE. I used XFce for quite some time and upon bootup and login I was using no more than 75mb or ram out of 512.

Made a huge difference.

I was using one of those light window managers, and I reduced a 3 minute render time (under XP) to two-and-a-half minutes. Quite a substantial cut, especially if you are doing an animation.
By the way, Dittohead, I love your signature:).

Hehe, with all these dittohead quotes out there I thought I’d join in :slight_smile:

Light Window manager? Those I looked seemed to be only for Linux. I’m using Window ME.

I tried Linux for a while, but just couldn’t get used to it. Trying to access folders, and such. I guess that’s where Light Window Manager comes in.

Most of the Windows software I had didn’t work in Linux, plus I had a problem with my printer in Linux. It worked, but for some odd reason, the ink “puored out” on every print job.

Sweet, but what are those things to the right… bullets?

Please forgive the noob question. You guys are talking about not liking the “caustics”.

What are caustics?


Yes, those are bullets. The title of this, unsurprisingly, is Glasses and Bullets.

Caustics is basically the refraction of light through the transparent objects. In this case, if you look at the shadows you will see coloured spots of light. Those are my poorly placed caustics. I’m currently rendering a new one with altered caustics setting. Nine hours and still making the fake pass.

Spin, there is not (I do not think) a program called “Light Window Manager.” I was using it as a term referring basically to everything other than KDE and GNOME. Window managers like that do not have a desktop with icons on it or a lot of the fancy effects of other windowing systems. As a result, they run much faster, although sometimes when you start them, you wonder if they should actually be called a graphical user interface.
Unfortunately, I highly doubt than any of them are avalible for Windows.