First "showing" WIP.. PLEASE TEAR APART!!

Here is one of the first renders I have done… Please tear it apart I need help…

Please dont mind the size… I had to cut it down so i could upload it in png… The rest was just more clouds anyway. The other formats looked like total crap…



I’ll assume “please tear it apart I need help” means you aren’t satisfied with the way it looks somehow.

I’m not exactly sure what it is: the form is sort of boat like, but it is in the clouds, which argues for an aircraft of some kind, except it has no wings. Perhaps it is a rocket, but the trailing stuff does not look like rocket exhaust, it looks a bit like a contrail, a bit like a wake. So the first thing you need to clear up is, what is it?

There is also a problem of scale: there is a clear “cockpit” area, but there are also five small “porthole” things along the fuselage. Either the cockpit windows are enormous, or the portholes are too small to be useful. If the porthole things are not portholes, then they need to look distintly like something else. Right now they look like tiny portholes.

There is a gold colored thing near the rear of the craft. Not sure what it is, but it seems to have some light blue stuff squirting out of one end.

It has an interesting shape, but I think the main problem is that it doesn’t “read” as a particular thing (or perhaps that it reads as too many different, incompatible things.)

can’t tear it appart if we don’t know what it is. Well we could, but i’d be harder to reconstruct… :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok guys, thanks for the analyization… sorry I didnt get back right away, I was on my honeymoon, I got married saturday past…
Your right I didnt tell you what it is. sorry. It is along the lines of an airship from Final fantasy style… you know how all the Final fantasy ones just seem to fly… but I think your right, it does need something to “show it is an airship” The scale is actually Huge, that area behind the glass is going to be big anough for about 10 guys… and those ARE tiny portholes… i guss the scale does throw it off… need to add the inner stuff.
I will work on the flames coming out the back… I wanted blue flames, maybe I can get some other colors in there… I was trying to do it without particles… is there any other techniques to use?

That thing on the back is supposed to be a dragon totem for the ship… hmm… what do yu think I can do to make it look better? I have it in a gold material now… maybe if it was colored better…maybe??
Thanks for your replys I appreciate it…