First ShowReel - Help???

I have just created my first showreel for Directing, arts directing and general animation!

Not to sure if i have focused on the right things and any feadback would be great on the content or the showreel overall?

Specific feed back would be great on:

  • how good is it?
  • Is it the right format/layout?
  • Is it ready to send to companies?
  • if not, what really needs improving?

Dont worry about being harsh, I am only looking to improve.

First of all cut the video in half. Maybe put some faster music and makie it more intresting cause now its pretty boring. Th next thing that doesnt fit is where you write Everything. Istead of that maybe write something like modeling, animating, compositing and everything else. Add atleast one breakdown. Those are really fun to watch. Right now I wouldnt send that reel to any company to get a job. i think you need to get a bit better. And dont forget to put only your best best work into the reel.

I think it’s very confusing. What are you showing us? There’s just a bunch of scenes and quick fades and I have no idea what you’re showcasing. I have no idea, for instance, what “Dr. Bix” is…and as an employer I wouldn’t take the time to look it up, quite honestly. Employers get tons of showreels and can’t take time for that.

Also, you need a focus…what kind of job are you trying to get? Figure that out first, and focus on that. If you’re going for character modeling, you need turntables of characters, with wireframes. If you’re going for environment modeling, you need to show environments. If you’re going for animation, show only animations, and things like walk cycles are key. For rigging, you need to show rig controls and deformations. If you want to do camera work, show camera movements. Currently this is a mash-up of everything, and as TheNewGuy says, none of the stuff you’re showing is particularly great. It’s better to spend time on one aspect that you are really interested in, because there aren’t usually that many “generalist” jobs.

The music is a little depressing. The question I have is who is this for? Are you trying to show that you are a one stop shop for all their video needs? Or are you trying to get a job on a production team for a particular job.

My advice (which is worth every penny your paying for it) would depend on what the answer to the question above.

If this is to show you are a “one stop shop” (that is what I do), then I would show clips of finished projects with the clips speed slowed or speed-ed up to match the music. There is no need to describe what “part” you played because your potential client wants you to play all the parts. Customers like these want to see your finished products. Music is essential with a show reel like this. Choose wisely… And last, these types of clients are impressed with name-dropping. If you do work for a recognizable name, make sure they client knows it. I simply added a list of my 2012 clients at the end like credits. If mom and pop see you did something for ESPN or some other name they recognize, it goes a long way towards them choosing you.

If the show reel is to become a member of a team, then drop the music as they will likely turn it off. These people don’t care about your music. With these people saying you did “everything” is meaningless, you need to show them you understand meshes, modeling, compositing, masking. With these people you need to show you know how to do these different pieces. They want to see the wire frame or the layering or masking in the compositor. Show a turntable of your best model maybe clay first, then clay and wire, then textured. Show them the scene with each of the layers added one at a time.

Also it is a little long. My show reel is 2 minutes long, and that is really too long too.